The primary objectives of the Youth Revolution Clan (YRC) are;

  • To study specific Youth issues that have been inadequately dealt with to date, or call for solutions in keeping with new realities;
  • To identify opportunities for more effective action by the international community and to make practical, action-oriented proposals that promote the well-being of youth;
  • To enhance public awareness of the conditions that create and perpetuate Youth issues and
  • To support efforts at the governmental and non-governmental level in order to help bring about necessary changes and adjustments in the response mechanisms.

The work of YRC has focused mainly on:

  • Action-oriented research on issues of concern to the world community in the context of an effective youth;
  • Analysis of situations leading, actually or potentially, to large-scale Youth issues for the purpose of development
  • Evaluation of programs of national and international bodies;
  • Training and local capacity-building relating to Youth Development, within and outside government structures;
  • Strengthening of social policy and social protection.
  • Youth Cultural & Academic Exchange Programs
  • Organizing conferences, seminars ,workshops & cultural events.

Since its inception, YRC has maintained offices or implemented projects principally in Punjab. The organization has carried out local capacity and institution-building in different parts of the world. It has served as an implementing agency for research and training projects for youth.

International Representations

YRC Represented Pakistan at Many International Forums

YRC Represented at UN Head Quarter in Geneva

Chairman YRC Represented at the UN Social and Human Rights Forum in Geneva, Switzerland 

YRC Collaborated with Istanbul Youth Assembly

YRC Collaborated with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth Assembly to strengthen the ties between Pakistan and Istanbul.

Youth Exchange Program with Australia

YRC Conducts the Youth Exchange Program with Australia Share the Cultural Exchange and Youth Ideas and to develop and train Cultural Entreprenurs

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