A Youth Revolution Clan students delegation represented Pakistan at the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights and Social Forum to raise the issue about women empowerment and strengthening young girl’s education.

Youth Ambassador and our Chairman Rizwan Anwar and other students attended the meeting at its headquarter Geneva, Switzerland.

They discussed about promoting and advancing human and women rights in Pakistan and the world. The delegation also met ambassador Tahir Hussain, permanent representative of Pakistan to the UN and other international organisations in Geneva, Switzerland. They discussed to raise the topic about women empowerment and strengthening young girls’ education which will help accomplish UN Sustainable Goals and 2030 Agenda.

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Mr Anwar said they were representing constructive, valuable, and positive image of Pakistan all over the world by engaging the young generation with the UN and other international organizations. “Youth and women needs to be empowered through education for the progress and advancement of sustainable development agenda,” he said.

YRC representatives spoke about supporting women and girls in crisis and emergency and furthermore about setting up and accelerating the advancement and addressing the requirements around the world.